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China Warehouse Change
1. How long will the "old" warehouse be active?
The last day of operations at the old warehouse will be 21 April 2017.

2. From when on does the customer needs to use the new warehouse address?
Customers may start to use the new warehouse address from 27 March 2017.

3. When will the new warehouse address be shown in the customer account?
The new warehouse address will be updated in customer's account on 27 March 2017.

4. What will happen to customers’ packages if they continue to ship to the old China warehouse address after 27 March 2017?
If their packages reach our old warehouse address before 21 April 2017, they will be processed as usual. Packages that arrived at the old warehouse from 21 April 2017 onwards, will be 'returned to sender'. Customers will need to inform their merchant(s) of the new warehouse address to arrange for redelivery. We will not be liable for any costs that might arise because of this.

5. Will there be any delay of processing of packages delivered to the new address?
No delay is expected.

6. What is the operation hour of the new warehouse?
Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1800 (China Standard Time).

7. What happens with packages still stored at the warehouse (packages that aren’t paid yet)? Are those packages shipped to the new address?
Packages that are unpaid will be transported to our new warehouse.
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